"no no you really shouldn’t "… Jimmy mumbles, barely audible and it’s true, he bloody knows it but Thomas’s tongue slides down his neck, hot and wet and Jimmy moans, thankful no one can hear in the dark of the wine cellar … not at this time anyway…. warm hands rough on his naked chest, running up…

I finally found this!!!! It’s too hot bb not to reblog and tag. It’s actually been haunting me.

How does this have notes, who dug it out of my archive? o_O

thanks bb but I think I didn’t do too well here, everybody says it’s hot and maybe it partly is but tbh that was not the point …  =/

I know what you mean when you say it wasn’t the point; I just loved how you wrapped Jimmy’s yes/no struggle with hating/loving Thomas into such a hot little drabble. I loved the duality because it’s so Jimmy. I’ll shut my cake hole now about it. :D

but imma tag it anyway bb thommy

Coyote Ugly Modern!Au-Thommy


For those of you who remember this film CLICK (congratulations, you’re officially old! =D )

I want Jimmy to be a Coyote singing and dancing on the bar ( in leather pants!!) … giving Thomas belly shots ( !belly! tara-duchess-of-nil ! =D  ) and lapping up tequila from his chest and and and…. you get my drift?!?!

gimme gimme belly-shot!Jimmy?! anyone?!

(also listen to the soundtrack, it’s grrrrrrrrrrrrreat! =D  )

WHY do I look at your blog right before I go to bed, woman??? (Also, it seems like you’re up awfully early.) How the fuck am I supposed to sleep NOW??? I need a Slurpee dumped on my head.

thommy gah



Thommy+Jimmy/Alfred friendship story on the way. It’s getting a bit longer than I thought so maybe I’ll make it a multi-chaptered one. 


Have some belly just because I say so.

goooooood!!! =D

I approve of this post. Yes indeedy.

All I want to do is walk through the mall without being harassed by the aggressive people at the fucking skin care/manicure kiosk. I don’t even know the name of it but it’s some kind of chain. Does anyone else know what I’m talking about or is this a Baltimore-DC area mall thing?

dumb personal shit



I regret making that post and I’m feeling like shit right now about it so please everybody just forget I ever did it.


don’t regret a thing; you’re fucking lovely and a big fuck you to anyone who says (or thinks) otherwise xx

Thank you, my dear Ames. I’m just going to sit in my car and blast my Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack to make myself better.

i will reply to your msg later my hard drive died getting my laptop back tonight

I regret making that post and I’m feeling like shit right now about it so please everybody just forget I ever did it.